Bespoke Events

Here at The Dream we offer a bespoke production service to create the perfect show/act for your event. With over 10 years in the circus industry, we can design, choreograph and produce world-class acts to suit any number of themes.
From acrobatic 'Human Walls' to installations, large scale multi-skilled productions and Cabaret/Variety shows we have the knowledge and expertise to deliver the very best.
The Dream is not a performance agency bringing together unconnected acts, instead we prefer to create entire dreamscapes, maintaining creative partnerships with clients, and utilising our visions and boundless imaginings. In this way we can ensure the highest quality of performers who are all uniquely talented and bring a little something of their own personalities to a shared dream.

We do not use other agencies in order to obtain acts. In this unique way, we are able to have direct contact with the artists, and avoid multiple agency costs. This means that we can offer the very best fees for both client and artist.

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